Gas Detection in HazMat Applications

You need the right tools to gain instant visibility to the unseen threats of toxic gases and radiation. RAE Systems provides real-time results for radiation, combustible gases and toxicity in handheld and remote wireless detection.

MultiRAE Pro is the first wireless portable monitor combining radiation and advanced chemical detection. The first and world leading wireless toxic gas and radiation monitoring system, AreaRAE Steel provides up to two miles of radio range. When combined with PlumeRAE, first responders have a real time view of toxic spill hot-zones. The MiniRAE 3000 and ppbRAE 3000 are the instruments of choice for Arson Investigators looking for traces of accelerants.

Our MultiRAE Pro and AreaRAE Steel monitoring instruments are field proven and the first choice of global hazardous material management teams and first responders. AreaRAE Steel and MultiRAE Pro have been deployed at major public events, industrial emergencies and drills.

Industry Product Usages

Breathing Zone Gas Detection

The Breathing Zone is one usage model for our products. It includes single and diffusion 1-4 gas detectors and can be worn attached to a collar or a shirt pocket.

ToxiRAE 3 - Single Gas Monitor for CO or H2S

ToxiRAE 3

Single Gas Monitor for CO or H2S
ToxiRAE Pro - Personal Wireless Monitor for Toxic Gases and Oxygen

ToxiRAE Pro

Personal Wireless Monitor for Toxic Gases and Oxygen


Personal Gas Monitor for Single Gas

Belt-worn Gas Detection

RAE Systems designs gas detection systems that can be clipped to a belt for easy handling and usage. These products include pumped and diffusion 1-6 threat monitors.

MultiRAE Pro Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitor

MultiRAE Pro

Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitor for Radiation and Chemical Detection


Wireless Portable Six-Gas Monitor with Advanced VOC Detection Capability

MultiRAE Plus

Multi-Gas Monitor for Confined Space Applications


Gamma Radiation Detector & Dosimeter in One
QRAE II Diffusion Multi-Gas Detector

QRAE II Diffusion

Full Featured, Multi-Gas Detector
MultiRAE Family Portable Multi-Threat Monitors

MultiRAE Family

Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitors

Handheld Toxic Gas Monitors

These handheld gas detection solutions are ideal for applications from entry pre-screening during refinery and plant maintenance, to hazardous material response, marine spill response and refinery down-stream monitoring. They include methane, toxic gas and VOC sniffers.

AE 2 systems with 3 Cradles for ToxiRAE Pro, MultiRAE, and QRAE 3

AutoRAE 2

Automatic Test and Calibration System
RAELink3 Mesh - Portable Wireless Modem with GPS

RAELink3 Mesh

Portable Wireless Modem with GPS


Wireless Transmission Systems with Integrated GPS
MiniRAE 3000 Gas Monitoring for VOC

MiniRAE 3000

Advanced, Handheld VOC Monitor

Temporary Area Gas Sensors

Temporary area gas monitoring systems are designed for use in circumstances where it is advantageous for the customer to leave the detector in a central location. Products include pumped, 1-6 gas and area monitoring products.


AreaRAE Steel

Ruggedized Wireless Multi-Gas Monitor

RDK System Package

AreaRAE Rapid Deployment Kit